Virus removal & protection

One of the most common problems that our customers find with their computers is becoming infected with a virus or some kind of spyware, malware or other threat. If you experience odd messages popping up when browsing the internet, being redirected to unusual and sometimes distasteful websites, or find that you can ‘t open some applications for example, then it is most likely that your computer has been infected or compromised by some internet threat.

Unfortunately having up-to-date anti-virus software installed and running on your computer doesn’t always guarantee protection from threats on the internet, however its an important starting point to protecting you, your data and your computer system.

Virus removal: It’s usually possible to remove a virus or other threat from you’re computer, even the most stubborn types that might stop your computer from booting up or that grind your system to a halt. We’ve removed thousands off different viruses from our customer’s machines using a number of different techniques and specialist tools. After a successful virus removal we don’t expect any loss of data.

Computer protection: Choosing the right software to protect your computer can be minefield, and the type of software and level of protection that you require will depend upon the type of computer user you are.

We have experience working with all of the leading computer protection software vendors including these;

Cambridge virus removal service

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