Cambridge Laptop Repairs

We have experience repairing laptops dating back to some of the first consumer laptops that were available in the 1980’s.

Repairs are possible on laptops, netbooks, notebooks and tablet PC’s including all of the major brands for example; Acer, Advent, Apple, Asus etc … For some cheaper laptops like the Medion laptop from Aldi, spare components are sometimes not available and therefore makes some repairs difficult, but we’ll try our best for you.

We appreciate the economies-of-scale our customers need to consider before we carry out a laptop repair, but we also consider the environmental impact, so genuinely if we think that it can be repaired affordably, we’ll endeavour to do so for you. And if we don’t think your laptop can be easily or affordably repaired, we are able to help you select a new laptop and/or backup your data and transfer it to a new device – and dispose of your old laptop responsibly too.

Cambridge collection: We’re often able to collect your laptop from your home or workplace if you’re in Cambridge or the immediate surrounding area, or we can arrange for you to drop off with a conveniently located consultant.

Cambridge laptop repairs

We fix all types of laptop problems, including operating system, software and driver problems, but yypically the types of laptop repair we carry out include the following;

  • Screen replacements: This is undoubtedly the most common laptop repair service we provide. Laptop screen replacements are available for most types of laptop and generally prices start from £70 supplied and fitted, but depends upon the size, type and age of your laptop screen. Some screens can be replaced in about 10 minutes, and some take much longer, so the installation times and costs can vary.
  • Keyboard replacement: Keyboards can be repaired to replace faulty or sticky keys, but we often need to replace keyboards due to impact or fluid damage. If you’ve spilt something over the laptop keyboard, it’s not always the keyboard that needs replacing, instead it could be a printed circuit board (PCB) underneath the keyboard, but we can investigate this and provide an estimate for you.
  • USB and input ports: We see lots of laptops with broken USB ports that can easily be fixed for most types of laptop.
  • Power socket: We might be able to repair or can usually replace your AC adapter (charging) input socket if it has been broken or damaged.
  • Laptop not charging: This can be due to the socket, a motherboard problem, or a faulty AC adapter which can be replaced.
  • Data recovery: If your laptop is beyond repair or too old to justify being repaired, we can recover your data from the hard disk and transfer it to another device or computer.
  • Graphics problems: If you have lines appearing on your screen or a blurred image, this could suggest a motherboard problem which can be repaired.
  • Laptop won’t boot up: This could be any number of problems but we’ll be able to identify which; hard drive problem or failure, a problem with your operating system or a faulty motherboard.
  • Plus hundreds of other problems that we are able to repair for you, for example problems with; printing, wireless, networking, overheating, noisy fans, CD or DVD player, sound, external graphics, trackball or trackpads, screen hinges etc…

You can bring your laptop along to Impington Computers, we’re located just north of Cambridge, on Cambridge Road, Impington.

Get in touch to discuss a laptop problem or to book in your laptop for a repair.