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Cambridge data and harddrive recoveryCambridge data and harddrive recovery experts

Installing a simple Windows update can unfortunately, be enough to render your computer pretty useless and your data inaccessible if you’re not careful. But there are of course many other serious problems that require will require a professional data recovery service.

In recent years we have successfully recovered data for a number of businesses throughout Cambridge including several Cambridge University students and a couple of teachers too, and lots of individuals who thought they’d lost years of photography or work archives.

At Impington Computers we provide two levels of data recovery service to our customers;

Standard (non-intrusive): Our standard service is for hard drives, USB drives, memory sticks and devices where the data isn’t accessible in the usual way but where the drives are not physically damaged. We effectively plug your inaccessible drive into another computer to access and take a backup of your data. For this type of data recovery we have a 100% success rate and the process can take as little as one hour to complete.

Advanced (physical failure): The advanced data recovery service is for damaged or corrupt hard drives, which need to be carefully dismantled in a clean room environment so they can be carefully repaired before the process to recover the data can begin. The repair process may involve sourcing spare components and therefore we will provide an estimate once we have completed our initial assessment.

Cambridge students, don’t panic!

If you spill drink over your laptop, drop it down the stairs or have an external hard drive which has just given up, the chances are that a 100% recovery of your data will be possible. And if this happens at a critical time in your studies, we can usually provide a fast-turn-around service so that you don’t miss your deadlines.

Your complete data recovery service

We are able to apply our expert data recovery skills to a range of devices including;

  • Desktop and laptop computer harddrives
  • USB sticks
  • iPods and iPhones
  • Recovery of photos from camera memory cards
  • Partition recovery on hard drives
  • Server/RAID data recovery
  • Recovery of deleted files from hard drive
  • And sometimes from damaged CD’s and DVD’s

Please get in touch to discuss your data recovery needs.