Computer health checks

Cambridge computer healthcheck

An annual health check can help to prolong the life of your computer hardware.

If you have noticed that the performance of your computer system has reduced, a health check might be able to rectify this quickly and simply and get you back up to speed.

A computer is no different to a car, which requires regular maintenance and MOT checks to ensure its smooth running.

  • Dust buildup can increase the operating temperature and therefore degrade your processors performance
  • A fragmented hard disk drive can cause disk read/write delays which can result in corrupt files and data loss
  • Updates might be available which improve security, compatibility or performance
  • Removing old and unused files and applications can free-up valuable system resources

These are just some of the benefits of running a computer health check, ultimately the goal is to make your computer perform as best that it can and last as long as possible, saving you money inĀ  the long-term.

To arrange a healthcheck for your computer please get in touch.